What Are Gaiters And Why Should You Wear Them?

What Are Gaiters And Why Should You Wear Them?

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A gaiter is a fabric guard that covers the gap between your trousers and your walking boots. They wrap around your ankles and calves, hooking onto or over your boots in order to keep you protected from the likes of snow, water, mud and loose debris such as stones. Gaiters come in different sizes and fabrics to suit different exercises and expeditions. Whilst they are not an essential piece of kit, many people choose to wear them for the invaluable protection that they provide for your lower legs. This is particularly important when training in adverse weather conditions or climates. 

When Should I Wear Them?

Now that we’ve answered the question “what are gaiters”, let’s take a look at their main uses. 

If you’re hiking, trekking or on an exercise anywhere that you’ll encounter snow, dense undergrowth or water, whether that’s rain, streams, rivers, you should wear a pair of gaiters. This will prevent water from getting into your hiking or military boots, which can cause discomfort and soreness. This is particularly important if you are on long expeditions or prolonged exercise where it’s important to keep your feet and legs comfortable. Think 10 Tors on Dartmoor or an exercise on Otterburn.   

Another benefit of wearing gaiters is that they prevent loose debris falling into your boots and causing discomfort or from scraping your legs and ankles. Again, this is important for allowing you to stay comfortable whatever the conditions. 

As you can imagine, gaiters are a particularly useful piece of kit for the autumn and winter months where the likes of rain, and swollen rivers are likely to be more of an issue. They are also perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth and protection from snow. However, they’re certainly not just a cold weather accessory. When thinking about when to wear gaiters, whether it’s summer or winter, they’ll help your performance in challenging outdoor terrains. 

Gaiters At Taskforce

Through answering the question of “what are gaiters and when should I wear them”, you can see that we’re big fans of this practical piece of outdoor kit at LOWA military boots. That’s why we sell the carefully selected Berghaus Yeti Attak Gore-Tex® Gaiters. These are full-fronted gaiters that are designed to be worn just below the knee and feature a front zip with a hook-and-loop storm flap plus an integrated forefoot strap for a secure fit. 100% waterproof, the durable and breathable Gore-Tex® performance shell offers complete protection whilst allowing perspiration to escape in order to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

For more guidance finding the right LOWA boots and outdoor accessories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.